Biden Begs For Money While Hurricane Ian BODYSLAMS Florida

Biden Goes Fundraising as Hurricane Ian Makes Landfall

Biden Goes Fundraising as Hurricane Ian Makes Landfall

( – As Hurricane Ian was set to make landfall and eventually devastate the Sunshine State, President Biden was planning his trip to a fundraising event. The White House didn’t make any changes to the commander in chief’s schedule despite the destruction many residents anticipated the hurricane would bring. While Biden was busy raising money, Florida was suffering at the hands of 150 mph winds.

Floridians prepared for the worst mother nature had to offer while the president focused on raising money at an event for the Democratic Governors Association in DC. A reporter asked White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre on September 28 whether Biden would be attending the reception. Jean-Pierre noted there hadn’t been any changes to the president’s schedule, indicating that he would be at the event. Sure enough, later that night, Biden showed up at the fundraising affair. At that time, according to Governor Ron DeSantis (R-FL), hundreds of thousands in his state went without power.

Hurricane Ian

Prior to Ian making landfall in the Sunshine State, the hurricane was massive, reportedly stretching nearly 500 miles wide.

Ian devastated the state of Florida, leaving more than 2.6 million people without power and killing at least 12. Much of the state has suffered from flooding, with buildings and homes being reduced to rubble. Photos from media outlets such as CNBC and Axios showed the devastation that Ian left in its path as boats washed ashore and vehicles became stranded underwater. The hurricane also wiped out part of the Sanibel Causeway, effectively cutting off an island community from the mainland.

Ian had made its initial landfall in Florida as a Category 4 hurricane, but the system quickly dissipated to a Category 1 before eventually becoming a tropical storm. However, it regained strength and once again became a hurricane on its way to hit the US for a third time in South Carolina. Ian once again threatened Americans living near the southeastern coast with dangerous storm surges, devastating South Carolina with winds of more than 80 mph.

Accuweather mentioned Hurricane Ian’s winds reached as far as 485 miles away from the storm’s center, creating cloud cover stretching as far as New England and Pennsylvania. The hurricane moved inland at a rate of about 15 mph. Virginia, Georgia, and the Carolinas declared a state of emergency as Ian decimated Florida and started making its way toward other states. Hopefully, residents were able to adequately prepare for Ian’s wrath.

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