Biden Can “Reunite United States” Despite Democrats Pushing Him to Drop Out

( – Joe Biden, during his recent visit to Pennsylvania, stated that he was the person to reunite the United States in a second term and that he was “up for the job” as President for another term. This is despite a huge number of Democrats pushing Biden to drop out of the election following his debate with Donald Trump.

Joe Biden went against Donald Trump in their first set of debates, and Biden’s performance on stage was less than appealing. Congressman Jamie Raskin of Maryland and Jerry Nadler of New York are just two of the officials who have pushed for Joe Biden to leave the race.

They have been on a break, but when Congress returns, they will be deciding if Joe Biden can continue in the presidential race. House Democrats are said to be meeting with Jeffries to discuss the president’s place in the race and if he will continue.

House Democrat Adam Schiff has spoken out saying that Biden should “pass the torch” to Kamala Harris as he believes that she will be able to beat Trump in the election. He stated that if Biden can’t win “overwhelmingly,” then he should pass the baton to Harris.

“Biden has to win overwhelmingly, or he has to pass the torch to someone who can,” he said.

Many Democrats from Mark Takano of California to Joe Morelle of New York to Susan Wild of Pennsylvania have said that they want Biden to drop out of the race and give the position to Harris.

When traveling to Pennsylvania, his supporters held signs that said “Thank you Biden, but time to go,” which shows their support for him and the Democrats, but also states that they are supportive of him dropping out of the race.

“We must unite America again … that’s my goal. That’s what we’re going to do,” Biden said in Philadelphia.

The final decision on whether or not Joe Biden will be allowed to stay in the running for president will be up to Congress as they discuss this in the next week.

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