Biden Creates New Office To Address Climate Issues

Biden Creates New Office To Address Climate Issues

Biden Creates An OUTRAGEOUS New Justice Department

( – Climate change has been one of the Biden Administration’s biggest issues. The president has struggled in passing legislation through Congress to address the problem, with Build Back Better crashing and burning and lawmakers failing to agree on many selling points. Now, Biden is taking a different approach, creating a new office specifically focusing on climate issues.

The Biden administration created the Office of Environmental Justice (OEJ), which will be within the Office of Climate Change and Health Equity as an addition to the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS). Brenda Mallory, Chair of the White House Council on Environmental Quality, said Secretary Xavier Becerra of the HHS is “prioritizing environmental justice,” adding his creation of the OEJ is proof of that. Mallory asserted that reform is crucial in providing all communities with clean and clear air and water.

Secretary Becerra asserted that pollution disproportionately affects low-income neighborhoods and communities of color. He noted that these areas will require “focused attention,” the reason his department created the OEJ. Months prior to Becerra’s announcement, the Department of Justice launched a closely related program, also focusing on environmental justice.

Will the creation of this new OEJ be what the government needs to address climate issues, which reportedly impact minorities and low-income families the most? Perhaps it’s nothing more than political theater to make it look as though the administration is doing something.

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