Biden Criticized For Visiting Ohio

( – Some Ohio political figures have spoken out about President Joe Biden’s planned visit to East Palestine, Ohio.

Ohio had asked President Biden for assistance and to visit the state and city after a major derailment that had a huge negative impact on the community nearly a year ago. Civilians and politicians sought out President Biden, however, the visit didn’t come until this past week and politicians are saying that he’s “too late.”

Ohio Republican Senator J.D. Vance posted on X saying, “Biden visiting East Palestine at this point is pure politics. What is he actually going to do for the people on the ground? That’s what matters, not political stunts.” Citizens of Palestine discussed how Biden has consistently said he would visit, and that they have been waiting for this visit for far too long now.

GOP Senate candidate Bernie Moreno also spoke out posting on X saying, “Joe Biden refused to stand with the patriots of East Palestine when it really mattered. He could have united our country by showing support to a right-leaning community, but instead, he ignored them.”

Many are speaking out saying that Biden’s absence from East Palestine, Ohio shows where his priorities are and many are looking at what Biden is doing, not just what he is saying. The criticism has intensified as it’s been already a year since the Norfolk Southern derailment that shook the city.

White House Press Secretary, Karine Jean-Pierre, Spoke out about the situation and gave credit to Biden for planning the visit to East Palestine. She said, “The president has been very clear, any time there is a situation that happens in a community that is devastated by, whether it’s a derailment or a natural disaster, he is there for that community for as long as it takes.”

“We’re going to find a day that works best for the folks on the ground, he always said that when the time was right, when it was the most helpful for him to be there, he was going to be there,” she continued.

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