Biden Delists Another Terrorist Organization and Ted Cruz Has a Fit

Biden Delists Another Terrorist Organization and Ted Cruz Has a Fit

( – It’s no secret that Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) doesn’t favor President Biden. The Texas Senator has often been one of the president’s most outspoken critics. Cruz is at it again as he blasts the Biden administration for its poor decision-making.

Senator Cruz called out the Biden administration for delisting another terrorist organization. Cruz’s comments came during a Senate hearing on November 30, when he lambasted the administration for removing the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) from the US’s list of Foreign Terrorist Organizations.

Senator Cruz asserted that the Marxist-Leninist organization had terrorized Colombia by killing, kidnapping, and extorting Colombians while also seizing and killing American citizens. Cruz noted that FARC is a threat to American interest in the area and threatens Colombia’s security.

The Republican senator mentioned that the administration is, unfortunately, forming a pattern of delisting terrorist organizations, and he’s called the actions weak appeasement. Biden has also delisted the Taliban in Afghanistan and the Houthis in Yemen, which Senator Cruz noted have been disastrous.

The world witnessed the fallout from Biden’s decision to delist the Taliban as it unfolded in Afghanistan. In Yemen, Houthi rebels have attacked oil tankers, facilities, and airports with missile airstrikes. Earlier in 2021, the rebels launched an assault on the Yemen government’s last stronghold, Marib.

Cruz asked why Biden believed it would be a good idea to delist the FARC after the disasters that ensued after delisting the Taliban and Houthis. The senator also asked why Biden thought delisting the FARC would hail anything but terrible results for Colombia and why he believes weakness and pandering toward terrorists would be successful.

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