Biden Family Compromised After Taking $31 Million From Communist Groups With Chinese Ties

Biden Family Compromised After Taking $31 Million From Communist Groups With Chinese Ties

( – A new book recently published by Breitbart News senior contributor Peter Schweizer reveals shocking info about a critical source of income for the Biden family. President Joe Biden and his loved ones reportedly received more than $31 million from individuals connected to high-level Chinese intelligence operatives.

During an interview on the Mark Levin Show, Schweizer said that investigating Biden’s finances was the scariest project he’s ever worked on. His new book, “Red-Handed: How American Elites Get Rich Helping China Win,” exposes how some American elites are helping China become a global superpower.

Schweizer told Levin how he laid out all the deals in the book naming specific individuals mentioned in Hunter Biden’s emails. For example, in an email, the younger Biden said he didn’t believe in the lottery because he “believed in the Super Chairman.” Che Feng is whom Hunter referred to as the “Super Chairman.”

According to Schweizer, Feng is a sketchy businessman who partnered with the Vice Minister at the Ministry for State Security. He had many clandestine responsibilities, including recruiting foreign nationals to spy for the Communist Regime. Schweizer also said these types of individuals have a history of cutting deals with Hunter Biden.

Levin asked Schweizer during the interview whether he believed China’s mission was to “invest” in the Biden family because they knew Joe Biden was a career politician who had significant influence. Were they trying to ensure their own future?

Schweizer responded, saying he believes, without a doubt, it’s why they invested. He claims he can prove that Biden received millions of dollars during his tenure as Vice President under the Obama administration. He made even more after becoming president of the United States.

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