Biden Gets a Cheat Sheet From His Handlers

Biden Gets a Cheat Sheet From His Handlers

Biden Cheat Sheet FOUND – Handlers Confirmed!

( – President Joe Biden has become quite prone to gaffes and blunders. His political opponents and many Americans believe he’s in a state of cognitive decline. A recent snapshot from a reporter could be proof as it exposes a cheat sheet telling the president how to act.

Everyone needs a cheat sheet now and again, but what staffers gave Biden was step-by-step instructions on what he as the President of the United States should do. The revelation came after Biden accidentally held up the piece of paper, unintentionally showing the crowd what it said. While the words were likely too small for the crowd to read even if they were paying attention, someone snapped a photo while the president held the paper up, so the public could see what it said.

Titled “Offshore Wind Drop-By Sequence of Events,” the paper was an itinerary that spelled out how the president should act and behave. Directions told Biden when to enter a room and greet participants before instructing him when it was time to take his own seat. From there, the note detailed that the press would enter and Biden would answer questions, but only for two minutes. Then, the president was to ask Liz Shuler, President of the American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organizations, a question via virtual conference. Finally, the note had Biden thank people for coming before instructing him to leave.

President Biden’s cheat sheet is almost like a parent giving a child instructions on how to behave properly. Is this an indication that Republicans were right about the president? Is Biden experiencing cognitive decline?

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