Biden Grants Amnesty to Almost a Half Million Illegal Immigrants

( – The Biden administration announced on September 20 it would grant work permits and protections from deportations to 472,000 Venezuelan migrants who are already in the United States. While some of these are legal migrants, many others have been entering the country illegally through the southern border over the last few months.

White House officials announced a move to redesignate the South American nation for Temporary Protected Status. This allows migrants of that country to legally apply for work permits and deportation protections only if they have arrived to the United State for a certain date.

Different reports pointed out this latest extension will have the TPS extended for 18 months. This document will apply to Venezuelan migrants who were in the United States on or before July 31st. While the South American nation was last extended, it wasn’t re-designated for TPS last year, meaning it wasn’t open to new applications. Some human rights organizations criticized this “lack of response” from the Biden administration, claiming that Venezuelans weren’t only in a “migratory limbo” but also in a situation where many couldn’t go back to their countries. Venezuela has been ruled since the late 1990s by a socialist dictatorship that turned an oil-rich nation into one of the poorest countries in the Western Hemisphere.

With the latest redesignation approved by the Biden administration, many new applicants can now apply to TPS, which according to numerous reports would protect nearly half a million foreign nationals. Critics point out this could incentivize illegal immigration into the United States and could make the current border crisis even worse.

This decision comes at a moment when the Biden administration has been facing pressure from New York City and other sanctuary cities across the country. These jurisdictions have been demanding more federal action to deal with a migrant crisis that is already creating chaos in many areas. New York Democratic Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and New York City Major Eric Adams have repeatedly demanded expedited work permits as a solution to this crisis.

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