Biden Institute Raises Big Concerns for New President

Biden Institute Raises Big Concerns for New President

( – Many political figures have numerous foundations and organizations with their names attached to them, and President Joseph Biden is no different. One of his organizations, however, is generating significant ethical concerns for the newly sworn-in president.

In 2017, Biden helped start the University of Delaware’s Biden Institute, a research center studying public policy. However, this center does not disclose its donors and will likely continue to fundraise during Biden’s presidency. This opens both Biden and the institute to likely controversy, as donors could try to curry favor with the Biden administration through donations to the institute.

One American wondered the reasoning behind Biden’s secrecy:

A similar instance occurred when Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State and again when she ran for president. The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) investigated the Clinton Foundation for alleged illegal activities of donors hoping to curry favor with the powerful politician.

Americans must ask the Biden Institute to disclose its donors or encourage an investigation to take place to ensure our country’s government is not bought off by foreign powers. The security of our nation’s future depends on it.

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