Biden Is Grumpy Because He Hasn’t Received Enough Credit Over Ukraine

Biden Is Grumpy Because He Hasn't Received Enough Credit Over Ukraine

White House Insider Reveals HILARIOUS Reason Why Biden’s Always In a Bad Mood

( – The stress of being President of the United States may finally be getting under Joe Biden’s skin. A high-level Democrat close to Biden recently claimed the president has been in a bad mood. The source alleged the leader of the free world is upset because he doesn’t get enough credit when things go right.

According to Newsmax, President Biden spends much of the time during meetings airing grievances regarding his poor approval numbers, the press, and the fact he doesn’t get credit for anything good. The president’s most notable complaint is that he feels his response to Ukraine, and its valiant effort against Russia, is going unnoticed despite being a huge victory for his administration.

In fact, Biden is reportedly so upset about not getting credit, he has shifted the federal oversight of the Ukraine conflict from Jake Sullivan, the president’s national security advisor, to Ron Klain, Biden’s chief of staff. The source noted it was the same move the president took during the Afghanistan withdrawal and resulting criticism.

The White House has taken more and more responsibility from Sullivan in regard to the war in Ukraine. The administration didn’t offer details about the national security advisor, but it did confirm he and the president hadn’t been in close contact due to Sullivan testing positive for COVID-19.

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