Biden Issues Statement On Chinese Spy Balloon

( – US President Joe Biden said on June 17 that China’s spy balloon that flew across the United States was more “embarrassing” for Beijing than “intentional”. The commander-in-chief added he would like to have a conversation with Chinese dictator Xi Jinping on how both nations can “get along.”

Many believe President Biden’s comments are questionable as the spy balloon scandal could have turned into a major US-China scandal. The balloon, which carried a spy equipment payload the size of a city bus, first entered U.S. airspace on January 28 before it was shot down by a U.S. fighter jet February 4.  Political analysts pointed out this was Beijing and Washington’s most heated moment in this new Cold War between the two world superpowers.

During the June 17 press conference, reporters asked the president whether U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken can ease tensions with the Chinese regime. Instead of providing a direct response, President Biden went back to the topic of the spy balloon. Biden told reporters that the Chinese regime has some “legitimate difficulties” that are not related to America. He then said he thinks that the Chinese didn’t have very much information about what was happening with the spy craft. 

The president’s remarks came a couple of days after a dozen GOP senators wrote him a letter in which they complained about the spy balloon incident. The letter stated that the White House hasn’t yet given any account of how the craft’s espionage operation violated the sovereignty of the United States.

The Republican senators wrote that four months have passed since the balloon was destroyed and the Biden administration hasn’t said anything definitive about the incident or its aftermath. They complained that the President and the White House should have already explained to all Americans how the balloon was allowed to drift across the country for so long before the U.S. took action. 

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