Biden Knew About Flynn Probe

Biden Knew About Flynn Probe

( – Late last month, we learned former President Barack Obama’s administration targeted retired General Michael Flynn. Now Americans want answers: who knew what and when did they learn it? That’s exactly what George Stephanopoulos asked former Vice President Joe Biden during an interview on ABC’s “Good Morning America.”

On May 12, the presumptive Democratic nominee made an appearance on the morning show. Stephanopoulos used the interview as an opportunity to dig into when Biden learned about Obama targeting Flynn. At first, the former VP tried to lie and say he knew “nothing” about the investigation.

Stephanopoulos wasn’t buying it. He reminded Biden that he was present for a January 5, 2017, Oval Office meeting where the former general was a topic of conversation. The former VP started backtracking and apologized. He then claimed he knew there was an investigation but “that’s all.”

Sure, that could be true, but who really believes Biden knew nothing? He and Obama were very close and it wouldn’t make sense for the former VP to be out of the loop, especially given his involvement in foreign policy.

Congress needs to look into this situation before the presidential election in November. America deserves answers.

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