Biden Makes Terrible Claim About People Who Have Not Received COVID Shot

Biden Makes Terrible Claim About People Who Have Not Received COVID Shot

( – All three COVID vaccines that have Emergency Use Authorizations (EUA) from the Federal Drug Administration (FDA) are still experimental, and no studies have been done on their long-term effects. But, rather than acknowledging the valid hesitation of many Americans, President Joe Biden said people who have chosen not to get the vaccine are likely the ones to blame for those now getting sick and dying from coronavirus.

On Tuesday, May 4 during a press conference with reporters, President Biden was asked by ABC News’ White House correspondent about the current vaccine rollout. During his meandering response, the president said “doubters exist” and that he doesn’t want to call Americans who chose not to get the vaccines “lazy.” Instead, the leader of our nation simply described them as “just not sure of how to get to where they wanna go.”

ABC News shared the clip of Biden fumbling over his word choice:

Biden blamed future coronavirus deaths on people who have not gotten the COVID-19 vaccine yet. He ignored the fact that it’s difficult for many people to find the time, transportation, and assurance the vaccine will be worth their while. Perhaps rather than the usual emotional guilt to push the vaccine, the president could simply let Americans consult with their health care professionals about what the best choice is for them.

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