Biden Names Condition For Ukraine’s NATO Entry

( – US President Joe Biden said during a July 9 interview at CNN that Ukraine could be able to join NATO only after the war with Russia officially ends. The commander-in-chief explained there isn’t any agreement within NATO on when to allow Kyiv to join this international military alliance. He pointed out there are currently certain issues with the country’s eligibility, including a severe weakness in its democratic institutions.

Over the last few months, NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg has aggressively encouraged Ukraine’s membership in the military alliance. While he hasn’t taken any action to accelerate the country’s application, Stoltenberg said in April that Ukraine’s “rightful place” was in NATO. Different reports have said that representatives of other NATO countries have anonymously expressed disagreement with judging Ukraine’s lack of democratization. They have allegedly said that demanding this requirement is hypocritical considering Turkey’s membership, which many consider to be ruled by an authoritarian regime.

During the CNN interview, President Biden said that NATO needs to lay out a “rational path” for Kyiv to meet all requirements to be part of the alliance. He explained there’s “unanimity in NATO” about bringing Ukraine to the alliance in the middle of the Russian invasion. The commander-in-chief added that NATO is committed to “every inch” of its territory in case Moscow attacks any country of the alliance.

Additionally, the president vowed to keep sending economic and military aid to Kyiv to defend itself from the Russian invasion. So far, the United States has sent almost $100 billion to Ukraine. Members of both parties have criticized the Biden administration for this move, claiming this money could be used to solve some of the US’ biggest problems.

So far, Washington has sent extensive missile defense systems, thousands of artillery shells, and intelligence information to the Ukrainian military. The White House is planning to send 31 M1 Abrams tanks when Ukrainian crews are fully prepared to operate these vehicles. Other Western governments have also provided military equipment to help Kyiv’s counteroffensive against Russian troops.

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