Biden Only Takes Ownership of Gas Prices When It’s Going Well

Biden Only Takes Ownership of Gas Prices When It's Going Well

Biden Refuses To Take Blame For Gas Prices – Until Now

( – Americans may have noticed that gas prices have come down quite a bit over the last month. Of course, they’re still well above what they were when President Biden took his Oath of Office. Fuel costs have been on the rise since early in the 46th president’s term, though the administration largely blames Russia for the hike. Now that prices are decreasing, the White House is taking a victory lap in what seems to be a bit of a double standard.

For months, Democrats and the Biden administration claimed they had nothing to do with the gas prices, pushing the blame on Putin and his war in Ukraine, despite the fact costs were already seeing a spike before that time. With the recent drop in prices, the president is taking credit for the decrease. So which is it? Does the president have any say in fuel prices or not?

The road goes both ways; either Biden takes the bad with the good, or he doesn’t take anything. Officials maintain the price drop was the result of Biden’s release of oil from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve and his effort to get US allies more engaged in the production of the coveted asset. While it will jump in for praise when the problem improves, the White House denies any culpability in creating the problem in the first place.

So, Biden’s policies and diplomacy can decrease prices but not cause them to increase, as many feel his green agenda has done? He blocked the Keystone XL pipeline from completion while allowing Russia to finish its Nord Stream II. Biden has driven the US from energy independence, a move many people believe is causing them pain at the pump. Enough with the double standard.

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