Biden Orders BLANKET AMNESTY In Rare Decision!

The Biden Administration Extends Amnesty for Burmese Nationals

The Biden Administration Extends Amnesty for Burmese Nationals

( – Current US regulations view refugees and individuals seeking asylum as eligible for lawful residency in the country with few exceptions. The same provisions protect qualifying immigrants from deportation as long as their places of origin remain under dangerous or oppressive conditions. These guidelines recently prompted the Biden administration to extend Temporary Protected Status to roughly 3,300 Burmese nationals through May 2024.

Breitbart News reported Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas’ announcement on Monday, September 26. The official explained that the United States would allow Burmese nationals to remain until their country was safe. He said about 1,000 people were immediately eligible, but an additional 2,300 might also enjoy the protected status soon.

Residents of the Asian nation of Myanmar, formerly known as Burma, saw their democratic society break down in 2020 after a military coup, according to Human Rights Watch. The current government has reportedly overseen the torture, rape, and murder of countless protestors whose only crimes have been to demand the return of their liberty. Officials have imprisoned several media members for spreading “false news,” and the country has allegedly worked to block access to numerous outlets.

The administration has currently extended the same temporary amnesty covering Burmese residents to protect roughly 343,000 refugees from Venezuela. Knowledge of these provisions, combined with the White House’s overall lax immigration policies, could be a driving force behind the recent influx of desperate border crossers.

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