Biden Praises George Floyd Protestors

Biden Praises George Floyd Protestors

( – After the jury found police officer Derek Chauvin guilty of murdering George Floyd, Democrats across the board praised the announcement. But, President Joe Biden took his thanks a step further and celebrated the protestors who have demonstrated over the past year in support of police reform. However, he failed to acknowledge the astronomical damage caused by riots originating from the demonstrations.

On Tuesday, April 20, President Biden declared the guilty verdict handed down earlier that day as a “step forward.” He also spoke to the “systemic racism” he believes runs rampant in the United States and gave his own interpretation of this year’s protests, saying they “unified people of every race and every generation.”

The president also released the following statement on Twitter:

During his 10-plus minute speech, President Biden failed to acknowledge the over $1 billion in damages caused this year by rioters who aligned themselves with the Black Lives Matter cause. He ignored the injuries to police officers, damages to federal buildings and historical statues, and death to innocent business owners across our nation that happened at the hands of violent agitators this past year. These riots were the most expensive in American history, and President Biden should have used his platform as the leader of our nation to promote peace, rather than more political banter.

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