Biden Ramps Up Green Energy Production Amid Fossil Fuel Price Crisis

Biden Ramps Up Green Energy Production Amid Fossil Fuel Price Crisis

Biden Pushes Working-Class Americans To The BRINK With Latest Policy

( – President Biden has made his position on energy clear: He believes America needs to transition to renewable and green energy sources. That’s his priority as his recent actions made abundantly obvious The president has announced plans to focus on boosting solar and other forms of clean energy as Americans continue to suffer from record-high fuel prices and inflation levels the country hasn’t seen in decades.

Biden has taken executive action to encourage the production of solar panels in the United States. The president’s authorization of the Defense Production Act (DPA) will give the Energy Department a boost to manufacture solar panel parts, building insulation, electric transformers, energy-efficient heat pumps, and other necessary components to transform America’s current grid. The question is, why?

Aside from the fact that Biden is pushing the Green New Deal and wants America to run on renewable energy, what’s the actual reason behind this hyperfocus on this industry? Families are struggling to get by, so why not funnel money into helping them? Making America energy independent, getting the cost of fossil fuels down, could result in prices lowering elsewhere. For example, if trucks don’t spend as much to transport products, companies won’t spend so much to produce them.

The president seems gung-ho to push America into energy independence as long as the energy is from green sources — but, all of that is very expensive. America needs to invest in its people first, and then it can focus on renewable energy.

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