Biden Releases Over 60K Illegal Immigrants

Biden Releases Over 60K Illegal Immigrants

( – No one can predict what the effects of thousands of untraced immigrants will have on our nation. In the last full months of President Donald Trump’s administration, just 18 people were released into the nation with or without a notice to reappear in an immigration court. Yet, under President Joe Biden, that number hit over 60,000 in his first 3 full months in office.

US Customs and Border Patrol (CBP) publishes many statistics about its encounters with migrants on its website to help boost government transparency. The latest numbers show that under Biden’s open border policies, 8,797 migrants were released in February of this year, 26,282 in March, and 26,233 in April. Together, that totals 61,312 immigrants who have left CBP stations, many simply on the honor system to check in with an immigration court later on.

DC Examiner reporter Anna Giaritelli shared her findings of the story:

While springtime tends to bring heavier immigration numbers, these numbers are startling. If this migration surge is not roped in soon, there’s no telling the long-term effects that it could have on our nation.

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