Biden Reveals His Greatest Fear – He Just Might Have To Face It

Biden Afraid Of MAGA Candidates Rising To Power

Biden Afraid Of MAGA Candidates Rising To Power

( – Midterms are just two weeks away, and Democrats are beginning to feel the pressure. The Left wants to keep their majorities in Congress, while Republicans are looking to take over. The president has expressed fears that the GOP could be on a rise to power.

Biden recently spoke at the White House about his economic plan and what his administration accomplished during his time in the Oval Office. The president asserted that if Americans were concerned with the nation’s economy, they should know Republicans made it clear they would endanger America’s “full faith and credit” and crash the economy.

The president mentioned GOP lawmakers would use “Mega MAGA trickle-down,” economic policies, which Biden declared failed America before and would cause similar issues if allowed in the future. The commander in chief asserted that inflation would only increase, rather than lower, under Republican leadership.

The president might be nervous about the momentum Republicans have been building leading up to the midterms — and with not much time left to slow them down before the election. Biden mentioned the shift to favor the GOP in some polls, stressing that he believed Democrats would regain position in the days leading up to November 8. The president asserted Americans would ultimately realize he did well with the economy and would eventually give him and his party more credit.

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