Biden Robs America’s National Reserve — Then Sends It Away

Biden Robs America's National Reserve -- Then Sends It Away

( – Gas prices surged to historic highs in mid-March. President Biden has allowed the release of oil in the US Strategic Petroleum Reserve, claiming it would help lower gas prices. Now, the President apparently has a different plan as he sends some of the reserves to Europe amid the Ukraine-Russia conflict.

The White House announced its intention to release the reserves back in November 2021. Since then tens of millions of barrels have been released, with 30 million barrels coming in March. The idea was to lower the cost for Americans at the pump. However, according to reports from Bloomberg, a shipment of crude US oil left a Texas port and headed for Europe. Bloomberg’s article also mentioned how Biden has actually offered Europe an opportunity to buy America’s oil it has in reserves. What happened to helping Americans?

Just another item to add to the long list of moves Biden can’t make without causing controversy. Biden boasts that his action to release oil from the reserves is the largest in the nation’s history; meanwhile, Americans are struggling, and he’s sending part of their relief to Europe.

Is the conflict in Eastern Europe an issue? Of course it is. But President Biden needs to start putting Americans first. If the president really wants to help people in the United States, he needs to strive for energy independence, meaning America will produce its own oil for Americans to use. If there’s any left over, then he can send some off to Europe. America should come first.

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