Biden Says 16 MILLION People Will Be Approved!

Student Loan Relief Approval Draws Near

Student Loan Relief Approval Draws Near

( – President Joe Biden’s student debt relief is in the approval process. If the bill goes through, it will wipe out debt of $10,000 to $20,000, within certain stipulations. The president recently declared the debt relief would affect millions by the end of the week. Approval is the last step the Department of Education needs before it starts expunging the owed funds — or is it?

Biden stated that nearly 26 million people already submitted the information necessary for consideration in the program. The president noted that 16 million Americans should be getting some relief on their student debts soon — but he added they still might not because of Republicans attempting to stop the action. The president echoed these remarks during an event in Albuquerque’s Central New Mexico Community College, when he called conservatives hypocrites and declared their outrage was unjust.

The assistance is currently at a standstill thanks to a legal ruling from the 8th Circuit Court of Appeals suspending the relief disbursement. The ruling comes as the court considers the challenge that six red states recently brought forward. Until the 8th Circuit makes a decision, the Education Department won’t be able to move forward with the plan.

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