Biden Says He Isn’t Prioritizing US Interests Over Human Rights

( – US President Joe Biden delivered a gruff answer when he was questioned on September 10 about whether he’s putting the United States’ strategic interest ahead of human rights issues. During a press conference in Vietnam’s capital Hanoi, the US commander-in-chief told the journalist he was wrong, as the White House wasn’t doing this.

The heated exchange was part of a series of unrelated statements and diversions that became progressively stranger as the event with international reporters was reaching its conclusion. Different reports pointed out that the press conference was scheduled as the concluding event for the G-20 summit in India’s New Delhi.

According to Mediaite, international reporters kept asking questions to President Biden even when White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre announced that the press conference was finished. While he was initially leaving the room, the US commander-in-chief suddenly looked back and started to engage with the journalists.

After telling one journalist he was “going to bed,” CNN’s Jeremy Diamon made the question about human rights. The White House transcript shows that the president was deeply upset with this question, and claimed that his administration sees human rights as a priority. He also said he has made this point clear with “every person I met with.”

The moment came after President Biden spoke for 20 minutes in what many media outlets have described as one of his “oddest moments” as the commander-in-chief. During that time, he made numerous mentions of “cowboys,” as well as “John Wayne” and even some comments about how global warming could be “more frightening” than a nuclear war.

The Democratic leader also answered some questions about Chinese Premier Li Qiang, who attended the summit instead of Chinese dictator Xi Jinping. President Biden said that he and Qiang had a conversation about “stability.” He also said that one of the main points of discussions was making sure that the Southern Hemisphere had full access “to change.”

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