Biden Scandal Escalates, McCarthy Threatens Impeachment

( – House Speaker Kevin McCarthy predicted on July 24 that Republicans will soon gather enough evidence to mount an impeachment inquiry against US President Joe Biden. The California Republican made this comment during an interview on Fox News’s “Hannity,” as the corruption scandal involving the commander-in-chief and his son Hunter Biden keeps growing.

McCarthy was referring to a House Oversight Committee’s new information that showed Hunter Biden’s corrupt activities in Ukraine. Apparently, these took place while his father was still vice president during the Obama administration, and it involved a Romanian national who was eventually convicted on corruption charges. 

The Biden family allegedly received over $1 million in 17 increments, according to prepared remarks from Kentucky Republican and House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer. He said that Hunter Biden was “lecturing Romania” on how to implement anti-corruption policies while this was happening.

During the interview, McCarthy said that 16 of the 17 payments when to “shell companies” owned by Hunter Biden. He added that President Biden lied when he was running for office, as he claimed that he never talked about his son’s businesses and that his family never received money from China. The House Speaker said that the committee proved this “is not true.”

The commander-in-chief has long denied any involvement in Hunter Biden’s business deals. He even rebuffed a New York Post journalist who recently asked him some questions about the Chinese money and corruption activities in Ukraine.

When asked about the evidence, McCarthy told host Sean Hannity that these are mounting. He also said that the two IRS whistleblowers who decided to testify before Congress are “credible sources” who are legitimizing the caucus’ probes.

The House Speaker also cited the FBI 1023 form, where a “confidential” human source told the agency that President Biden received $5 million from a Burisma executive. The sources explained this happened while he was vice president and Hunter Biden was on the board of this Ukrainian company.

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