Biden Shifts Blame For Border Crisis – Makes This HILARIOUS Excuse

Biden Uses Communism as Excuse for Raging Border Crisis

Biden Uses Communism as Excuse for Raging Border Crisis

( – The US has seen the largest number of migrants flood across the border in its history. US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) has reported nearly 2.5 million encounters so far in 2022. The Biden administration is attempting to blame the massive surge on individuals fleeing communism.

Different Circumstances

President Biden recently responded to a reporter asking what’s different under his administration that’s making border authorities become overwhelmed by immigrants. The commander in chief claimed he’s dealing with a different circumstance than previous administrations, explaining fewer immigrants are coming from Mexico and Central America and more are coming from nations like Venezuela, Nicaragua, and Cuba. The president asserted it wasn’t rational to send these individuals back to their respective countries.

White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre recently held a conference in which she blamed communism for the surge of migrants, claiming they were trying to escape authoritarian governments. The Biden spokeswoman declared this is a new migration pattern that is impacting the western hemisphere as a whole.

Not Adding Up

Despite the Biden administration’s claims that the immigration surge is the result of failing communist regimes, the numbers don’t lie. The CBP did recently report the number of undocumented individuals from Cuba, Nicaragua, and Venezuela coming to the US has seen a massive 175% increase from a year ago. However, the agency also reported that just over one-third of all migrants crossing into the US were from one of these countries, meaning the majority still remains people from Central America and Mexico. In other words, the Biden administration’s claims are false.

Meanwhile, as the White House continues to attempt to find a scapegoat, Republicans are blaming the president’s policies for the immigration surge. Right-wing lawmakers have especially placed blame on Biden’s decision to end the Trump-era “Remain in Mexico” policy, which forced undocumented individuals to remain in Mexico while US courts assessed their claims of oppression.

In Texas, Robert Beau Nettleton, the Val Verde County Commissioner, explained to the New York Post that he understands where Biden is coming from. However, Nettleton also noted the reason immigrants continue to come to the US is because of the president’s open border policies.

The commissioner mentioned people in Cuba, Nicaragua, and Venezuela have always struggled with communist leaders, adding the only difference now is the person in charge of the US. Nettleton asserted migrants are abusing the asylum system to gain entry to the US and will continue to do so until Biden does something — namely, close the border.

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