Biden Snaps at Reporter for Question About Economy: “Don’t Make Things Up”

Biden Snaps at Reporter for Question About Economy:

Biden Gets REALLY Defensive

( – There’s no doubt that even under the best circumstances, the President of the United States is under a tremendous amount of pressure and stress, let alone when inflation is the highest it’s been in four decades. Some economists are beginning to warn Americans of a possible recession. Still, when a reporter asked President Joe Biden about the possibility, the president lashed out, telling the reporter to not “make things up.”

Fox News reported on the incident, during which a media representative repeated economists’ warnings that a recession “is more likely than ever.” The president apparently didn’t like the assertion, quickly noting it wasn’t a majority of economists. Biden joked about the reporter sounding like a Republican before claiming to have spoken with Former Treasury Secretary Larry Summers. The commander-in-chief claimed Summers assured him there was “nothing inevitable about a recession.”

Summers is telling a different story. The former Treasury Secretary detailed on NBC how high inflation rates have turned into recessions in the past.

Furthermore, on June 15, Summer spoke with CNN and told them a recession was likely going to occur due to the economy overheating. Biden’s lashing out may be a sign of the president’s frustrations as America slips further down the slope and toward even leaner times. What do you think? Is stress finally getting the better of Biden?

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