Biden Starts Yelling “War Criminal” Over Questions About Vladimir Putin

Biden Starts Yelling

( – The conflict in Ukraine has everyone on edge as the threat of World War III and potential nuclear war looms overhead. While much of the world considers Russian President Vladimir Putin a war criminal, there hasn’t been an official narrative calling him one, only speculation. US President Joe Biden has been careful not to engage with Russia in a bad way, at least until he blurted out that Putin was a war criminal.

After he delivered a message during the event to celebrate reauthorizing the Violence Against Women Act, President Biden spoke with reporters. During the exchange, one reporter asked Biden a question, presumably about Putin, to which the president responded that he does think the Russian President is a war criminal.

Biden had been good about holding back accusations, but many Americans knew it would only be a matter of time before President Biden slipped up. Still, the exchange is the most public accusation Biden’s administration has made against Russia, namely its president, for conducting war crimes in the attack against Ukraine.

Some people feel Biden should’ve addressed the possibility of war crimes in a speech — that the question should never have been left for reporters to ask — but the president might not have planned to say anything. It’s possible Biden could have admitted his thoughts only because he was put on the spot.

Now, a bigger question looms: How will Putin respond?

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