Biden Steals From Trump Playbook

Biden Steals From Trump Playbook

( – Politicians throw out new ideas daily about ways to boost the economy. President Donald Trump rallied for years on the platform of bolstering the it by bringing manufacturing and tech jobs back to our shores. In a seemingly copycat move, Biden announced a similar plan on Thursday, July 9.

Although Biden’s sentiment may be similar, the numbers are staggering. Biden’s $700-billion-dollar “Build Back Better” plan is split into multiple efforts. The first is to “Buy American,” which encourages demand for American products and materials at home and overseas while investing $400 billion in clean energy and infrastructure.

The $300 billion dollar portion of the plan is called “Innovate in America” and brings in research, development, and technologies. In addition, Biden proposed the “Stand Up for America” portion which wants to ensure American’s get a fair shot as they compete for jobs.

While some of these plans echo Trump’s sentiments, how they would be rolled out is quite different. Biden wants to raise the federal minimum wage, help workers join unions, and use billions of federal tax dollars to funnel money where he deems fit.

Biden may secretly be tipping his hat to Trump and coming around to realize that American workers truly are the most innovative and hard-working out there. However, his policies rely on more government spending, employment restrictions, and red tape to navigate for anyone who runs a business. Biden doesn’t understand that more government will only get in the way of real prosperity.

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