Biden Struggles in Debate as Trump Tells Lie

( – Donald Trump and Joe Biden attended their first presidential debate of the season; both parties disagreed over topics such as abortion and tax policies.

Both presidents struggled in this debate with Joe Biden struggling to speak and Donald Trump making false claims regarding the Capital riot and national debt. Trump alleged that he was president during the “greatest economy in the history of our country.”

In a counter, Biden argued that Trump was “the worst president in American history,” but Trump continued to argue that he helped the economy immensely during his time as president. “Nobody has ever cut taxes like us. We cut taxes four times,” he said.

Donald Trump was quick to answer questions in a straightforward manner, but some of the answers strayed too far from the truth. Biden’s voice was raspy and sometimes hard to understand, and he also struggled to complete his thoughts at times. One notable moment from Biden’s debate was when he was drilling Trump for his tax policies, but when he started running out of time he blurted out “We finally beat Medicare.”

Some Democrats have expressed a lot of concern over Biden’s performance in the debate and many have said that they need to elect a different candidate. Democratic strategist David Plouffe spoke out about his performance.

“The biggest thing in this election is voters’ concerns – and it’s both swing voters and base voters – with his age, and those were compounded tonight,” he said.

The two discussed heavy topics such as abortion where Biden said he supported legal abortion and Roe v Wade. Trump said, “What I did was, I put three supreme court justices on the court and they killed Roe.” He continued, “Right now, the states control it, and that’s the will of the people.”

They also talked about immigration policies and tactics, another big topic as the election comes up, and the two presidents debated the current war situation as well.

Trump brought up Joe Biden’s son, who is currently facing charges, while also bringing up previous instances where Biden had said some not-too-exciting things about black voters.

Biden argued his point to keep social security and raise taxes for the wealthy while pushing the narrative of Trump having an affair and continually bringing up his role in the Capital riot.

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