Biden Takes Aim at Your Wallet

Biden Takes Aim at Your Wallet

( – With the election less than three months away, Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden seeks out new ways for the media to pick up his campaign and platform messages. In a recent interview with Cardi B in Elle magazine, Biden showed just how high taxes could go if he’s elected, as well as other threats to our freedom.

Cardi B, an anti-Trump rapper, questioned the Democratic presidential nominee about healthcare, race issues, education, and taxes, requesting he speak “the hard-core truth.” Biden responded with promises of free medicare and free community college by ensuring “everyone has to pay their fair share.”

He did not go into further detail about what a “fair share” means, aside from corporations having to pay a minimum of 15% tax. But, everyday citizens may be the ones who would pay extra upfront to help corporations cover a tax hike.

Andrew Clark, President Donald Trump’s Rapid Response Director, shared his insight into the conversation:

As the presidential race continues to heat up, it’s critical that Americans not only understand the promises from each candidate, but how they will become a reality. The higher taxes and more government oversight that come with certain policies are clear threats to everyone’s freedoms.

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