Biden to Host George Floyd’s Family at the White House

Biden to Host George Floyd's Family at the White House

( – White House dinners are typically thrown to honor American heroes or those who have accomplished great achievements. But, Joe Biden has traded tradition for politics by inviting the family of George Floyd, the black man who was killed by police officer Derek Chauvin last May, to dine with him this week.

On Sunday, May 23, the White House announced it would host George Floyd’s family for dinner on Tuesday, May 25. It’s to mark the one-year anniversary of Floyd’s death, which is the event that sparked the Black Lives Matter movement and the subsequent rioting. Many Americans questioned the decision, including House Representative Lauren Boebert (R-CO):

Boebert pointed out there are plenty of black Americans, such as David Dorn, who lost their lives this year while serving their country and communities. Perhaps Biden should invite their families to dinner, rather than using such an occasion to celebrate a man who was under arrest while intoxicated on illegal substances.

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