Biden To Show Off Photos From Webb Telescope

Biden To Show Off Photos From Webb Telescope

Biden PHOTOS Incoming – Here’s What They Show

( – In December 2021, NASA launched the James Webb Space Telescope in collaboration with the Canadian Space Agency and the European Space Agency. The cooperative effort seems to be paying off as the telescope has taken extraordinary photographs of the universe. President Biden will be the first to unveil a picture from the collection of images the Webb has captured.

NASA’s live schedule indicated Biden showed off the telescope’s first full-color image on July 11 at 5 pm Eastern Standard Time. People could start viewing the rest of the images when they were released on July 12 at 10:30 am. In a statement, Webb program scientist at NASA Headquarters in DC, Dr. Eric Smith, claimed the Webb’s images “will transform our understanding of the universe.”

Smith added this was a new generation of exploration thanks to the Webb Telescope’s capabilities, giving NASA a set of “fresh and powerful” eyes to study the universe. According to The Hill, Webb has been able to capture images of new stars, use infrared photos to see glows from galaxies and exoplanet atmospheres, and explore distant planets. Smith expressed his excitement and claimed the world was soon going “to be new again.” Do you believe the James Webb Space Telescope could change how we see the universe?

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