Biden/Ukrainian Call Leaked

Biden/Ukrainian Call Leaked

( – The hits against former Vice President Joe Biden just keep coming. A Ukrainian lawmaker leaked a phone conversation between then-VP Biden and Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko. Andriy Derkach claims he has proof Burisma Holdings paid Biden $900,000 in lobbying fees. At the time, Biden’s son, Hunter, sat on Burisma’s board.

During a CBS interview last fall, Hunter acknowledged if his last name were any other than Biden, he probably wouldn’t be serving on its board making $50,000 per week.

President Donald Trump has claimed Hunter had no business serving on Burisma’s board and that the vice president forced the ouster of Ukraine’s former prosecutor-general because he was investigating Burisma. It’s alleged that Biden threatened to withhold a $1-billion loan to Ukraine if they didn’t do it.

In a recent CBS interview, former National Security Adviser Susan Rice said Biden’s quid pro quo with Ukraine was at the request of former President Barack Obama. Apparently, Biden was trying to remove a corrupt prosecutor in Ukraine. This investigation is ongoing, though the timing of these events doesn’t make him look very good.

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