Biden Wants $100B in Additional Aid for Ukraine

( – According to an October 7 report from The Telegraph, the Biden administration is planning a whopping $100 billion aid package for the Ukrainian government to help its armed forces in their counteroffensive operations against the Russian military. President Joe Biden is allegedly planning to take this step to fund the war until the 2024 presidential election and prevent any deadlock with GOP lawmakers.

In the report, the British newspaper revealed that the White House is currently drawing up plans to formally ask the House of Representatives to release what could be the largest funding package for humanitarian aid and weapons in history. President Biden would have approved this action as he’s concerned that continued rows over spending might affect his chances of getting reelected.

Over the last few weeks, the war in Ukraine has become a polarizing subject among GOP leaders, who even held up the president’s request for a $24 billion aid designed to last until the first months of 2024. Meanwhile, Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelensky has expressed concerns about the US support drying up, which would force many European nations to make up a monthly shortfall of $2.7 billion. The Ukrainian leader has said this situation would be negative for his country’s armed forces as it would have to rely on their small stockpile of weapons against the 2nd-largest army in the world.

As reported by the Telegraph, a Biden administration official who spoke under condition of anonymity explained that the idea of sending this package is “firmly supported” by most members of the White House. The person also told the British newspaper that “supporters of Ukraine” under the administrations want this to be one “big bill” so the US doesn’t have to deal with this issue until after the presidential election.

The Telegraph also said that President Biden is planning to wait until the House of Representatives picks a new Speaker, following the demise of California Republican Kevin McCarthy.

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