Biden Warns China To Obey Sanctions Against Russia

Biden Warns China To Obey Sanctions Against Russia

Biden Issues CHILLING Warning To China – Throws Putin For a Loop

( – President Joe Biden recently sat down with Scott Pelley for the season premiere of “60 Minutes.” The commander in chief discussed several issues with the host. One of the hard hitters was his apparent warning to China not to disregard the sanctions the US placed on Russia following its invasion of Ukraine in February.

According to Biden’s own remarks, he called Chinese President Xi Jinping after the leader met with Vladimir Putin during the Olympics in Beijing. The Democrat claims he told Jinping that violating America’s sanctions against Russia, including the blacklisting of Putin, his allies, his family, and the import of Russian energy, in support of Putin’s war machine would be a huge mistake.

Biden explained that he wasn’t threatening the Chinese president. He was informing the foreign leader that Americans and other countries wouldn’t continue to invest in China if they found out it supported Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, which has dragged on for nearly seven months.

But Biden mentioned it was Jinping’s decision to make and that he wanted to ensure the Chinese leader was aware of the potential consequences of his choices. The President of the United States also touched on the fact there hasn’t been any evidence as to whether China has made moves to help Russia’s war effort.

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