Biden Will Deploy 1,500 Troops At Mexican Border

( – According to an Associated Press Tuesday report, the Biden administration will temporarily deploy over 1,500 active-duty troops to the border with Mexico, following a surge in migrants. The decision comes as no surprise, considering that the White House has already taken controversial measures to solve the migrant crisis that the United States has been experiencing since 2021.

President Joe Biden’s decision comes as the Title 42 policy will officially expire on May 11th. The media outlet reported that the Biden administration’s officials revealed these troops will be deployed for three months to assist with warehouse support, data entry, and ground-based detection and monitoring. These troops won’t be doing any law enforcement and will be stationed at the Mexican border until Customs and Border Protection can properly address its needs.

Over the last few years, officials from Homeland Security have predicted that the number of migrants that will try to cross the border will severely increase after the end of Title 42. In March, US authorities encountered nearly 200,000 migrants at the Mexican border, with Biden administration officials saying they expect that number to be higher after the end of the policy.

Last week, the agency said that it’s planning to carry out expedited deportations in response to the policy end. To make this happen, the agency pointed out it will use Title 8 authorities and will establish two centers in Colombia and Guatemala, where migrants can officially apply for political asylum and eventually immigrate to the United States.

Biden administration officials told the Associated Press they believe these measures will be quite helpful as these could relieve the pressure at the US-Mexico border. After all, they point out that stiffer penalties for Title 8 removals carry a 5-year bar on entering the country and more comfortable ways to seek legal pathways to enter the country. They believe these two elements could prevent more migrants from crossing the border illegally.

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