Biden Will Raise Cap on Number of Refugees Allowed in US

Biden Will Raise Cap on Number of Refugees Allowed in US

( – Many refugees are fleeing persecution, longing for the safe shores of America. While our nation welcomes those hoping for a better life, going through the proper channels is vital to safeguarding everyone. However, President Joe Biden wants to open the floodgates to let refugees in, likely signing multiple executive orders in the next few days.

This order would raise the cap on refugee resettlements to 125,000 people in the next year. According to sources in contact with CNN, two Biden administration officials are encouraging the president to sign multiple immigration-related orders in the coming days. Esther Olavarria, deputy director of the Domestic Policy Council for Immigration, said the current administration hopes to “restore” the US to “its historic role as a leader and protection for refugees.”

Many Americans wonder why Biden is hoping to let more immigrants into the country when so many citizens are still struggling through the COVID-19 pandemic. One such American shared his thoughts on Twitter:

The next few days will reveal just what Biden’s plans are for the refugee program in America. While we do wish to remain a safe haven for moving here from around the world, we need to ensure our nation still remains the first priority.

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