Biden Won’t Visit the Border

Biden Won't Visit the Border

( – Monthly illegal border crossings remain at an all-time high, leaving leaders in states like Arizona and Texas desperate for relief. Despite ongoing pleas to the current administration for help, Snopes confirmed President Joe Biden has yet to assess the problem for himself. Even during a recent visit to Arizona to promote American manufacturing, the president opted not to offer the courtesy of a border visit.

Defending his choice to travel all the way to Arizona while still failing to witness the border crisis for himself, according to a Breitbart report, Biden claimed, “there are more important things going on.” In Arizona, the president’s priority was finding investors for semiconductor chip manufacturing. The chips are necessary for all “smart” gadgets, including electric cars, and have seen increasing demand.

But is innovation more important than securing the integrity and safety of the country’s southern border states? How can Biden insist the border crisis isn’t as dire as affected state leaders would suggest if he won’t even take the time to see it for himself?

Arizona Governor Doug Ducey claims the problem is so bad in some areas it has required the state to construct its own makeshift walls using stacks of shipping containers. Given the apparent lack of federal help, the governor is seeking action from the courts to establish state rights to take such defensive measures. That’s not even worth a peek?

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