Biden’s Approval Rating Fell 6 Points in New Poll

( – According to a Washington Post-ABC News survey published on Sunday, US President Joe Biden suffered a significant drop in his approval rating. This situation has raised concerns among Democrats, as many believe the commander-in-chief may not be the strongest candidate to compete against who ends up getting the GOP nomination.

The survey revealed that President Biden’s approval fell 6 percentage points. As reported by the liberal newspaper, this situation took place between February and May, pointing out that the share of people who approve of his performance dropped from 42 to 36 percent. The new poll showed that 56 percent of respondents currently disapprove of the president’s work.

Among those Americans that “strongly approve” President Biden’s performance in the White House so far, things remain unchanged in comparison with February, as the poll showed the same share of 18 percent. However, the number of respondents who “strongly disapprove” grew considerably since February as it’s now at 47 percent.

In April, the US commander-in-chief announced his highly-anticipated reelection bid, joining former president Donald Trump in what many polls have been suggesting could be a re-match of the 2020 presidential election. President Biden is currently the oldest sitting president in US history, and many GOP Democratic figures have claimed this is a concerning detail.

The Washington Post-ABC News survey also revealed that 36 percent of Democratic-leaning and Democratic respondents said they want President Biden to win the party’s nomination. While this is good news for the president since the number represents a 5 percent increase from February, 58 percent of the same respondents said they would like another candidate to win the nomination for next year’s presidential election.

As reported by the liberal newspaper, the poll was conducted from April 28th to May 3rd, and it surveyed 1,006 American adults, with a margin of error of only 3.5 percentage points. Moreover, the Washington Post explained that the margin was 4 percentage points for the subgroup of 900 US registered voters.


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