Biden’s Broken Policies Are Literally Breaking Up Families

Biden's Broken Policies Are Literally Breaking Up Families

( – Most people understand the draw of the American dream — to be able to live a life of freedom and provide for one’s family by working hard. It’s an opportunity and a joy few have in this world. For many Latin American families, the pull of this dream, paired with the Biden administration’s faulty policies, has pushed them to break up their families in hopes of a “better” life for their young children.

On Friday, June 18, the Wall Street Journal reported on multiple families from Central America who made the difficult choice to split up in hopes of requesting asylum in the United States. The Zelaya’s chose to send Maikol and their 4-year-old son Jordi to the United States while their mother stayed in Honduras with their two daughters.

Mr. Zelaya and Jordi finally made it to the US after a treacherous 11-day trek. They crossed the US border during the night before turning themselves in to border patrol in hopes of being allowed to stay in the US permanently. According to the policy, a minor in tow with a family member is allowed to stay.

Latin America Editor for The Wall Street Journal, David Luhnow, shared more about why families choose to separate on their journey to the US:

Under Biden’s current policies, Zelaya and his son do not have to appear before a judge, but rather occasionally check in with an immigration office. The policy, which has been compared to a lottery, usually allows unescorted children to stay in the US, and thus has encouraged many families to send their children with smugglers knowing that many uncertainties lie ahead.

As we see this story and others come to light, it’s clear President Biden needs to handle this crisis in such a way that protects both our nation and families trying to reach the dream of America.

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