Biden’s DHS Chief Just Tried the Biggest Bluff You’ve Ever Heard — Nobody Bought It

Biden's DHS Chief Just Tried the Biggest Bluff You've Ever Heard -- Nobody Bought It

This Democrat Tries To Sell The Greatest Lie You’ve Heard All Year

( – Viewing the border crisis that started at the beginning of Biden’s presidency, it’s understandable why many people demand action. Congress recently heard from Alejandro Mayorkas, Department of Homeland Security (DHS) secretary, about the current border situation and Biden’s plan for the future. Mayorkas was more than happy to oblige, but unfortunately for him, no one bought his bluff.

Empty Promise

During his April 27 meeting with Congress, Secretary Mayorkas insisted the United States would remain in control of the border with a surge of immigrants on the horizon. He insisted that President Biden has a plan to deal with the massive influx of immigrants at the southern border. According to the Washington Times, DHS expects there to be around 18,000 migrants attempting to cross the border per day in the near future — over 500,000 a month.

Not Convinced

Republicans, and some Democrats, weren’t buying the secretary’s testimony. Members of the GOP mentioned they spoke with DHS agents and Border Patrol, noting they detailed how overwhelmed they were with their manpower already at its limits. Many Republicans spoke with dread over what’s to come when a Trump-era policy comes to an end in May.

Top Republican of the House Homeland Security Committee Representative John Katko (R-NY) asked Secretary Mayorkas if he believed the people working on the front lines. Katko asserted there wasn’t a single person confident about keeping operational control when Biden retracts the Trump administration’s Title 42, a policy that increased border security for public health reasons involving COVID-19.

Secretary Mayorkas stood by his earlier statement, promising Congress the DHS would retain operational control at the southern border. Representative Michael McCaul (R-TX) asserted he didn’t believe Mayorkas, claiming the agency has already lost control. McCaul added that he’s never seen the border in worse shape.

Bipartisan Agreement

Politicians on both sides of the political divide expressed their dismay of Biden’s handling of the border for the past 15 months, adding more frustration at the fact there is no plan for the massive influx the DHS expects. Mayorkas claimed the 18,000 immigrants per day number was simply an estimation and not a prediction, admitting more people are sure to come, and they’re likely to exceed previous records.

Republicans were skeptical of a plan the DHS Secretary brought forward, detailing appeals to Mexico and Central America to block a number of immigrants, simplify processing for illegals jumping the border, and relocate border personnel. Congress asked why Mayorkas was just now thinking of implementing this plan when the border has been in a crisis for over a year. The secretary assured the public that part of the plan was already taking place, but Republicans dismissed it, citing the ongoing situation.

There is no plan to curb the influx of immigrants coming in May, and there never was. If there had been one, the Biden administration would’ve already put it into place and avoided the border chaos authorities are facing now.

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