Biden’s New Press Secretary Repeatedly Pushed These False Leftist Narratives

Biden's New Press Secretary Repeatedly Pushed These False Leftist Narratives

Biden’s New Press Secretary Couldn’t Be More Biased And This Proves It

( – White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki will be leaving her position behind to join MSNBC on May 13. Her replacement, Principal Deputy Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre, will become the face of the Biden administration. Jean-Pierre has a history of reiterating conspiracy theories and pushing liberal false narratives. Hopefully she will be more honest and moderate as the White House press secretary.

Former President Trump has been at the center of Jean-Pierre’s conspiracy theories on several occasions. The incoming press secretary often claimed Trump colluded with Russia, calling him a puppet. In 2018, she claimed Russia was defeating the United States thanks to Trump, adding he was degrading America on the world stage.

In another tweet, Jean-Pierre asserted that Putin called Trump “simple and idiotic.” She added that Trump made it easy for Putin and Russia to “win.”

The Daily Wire also mentioned that she continued to call Trump a racist on several occasions. Is this really who should be in the position to tell America what’s going on in the Biden administration? Jean-Pierre has repeatedly spread lies and misinformation, about a sitting president no less.

How can Americans believe anything she says? How can they be sure what she’s saying isn’t false information to protect the Biden administration or harm potential presidential contenders? She’s done it before, and she’ll likely do it again.

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