Big Brother Denies COVID Spying

Big Brother Denies COVID Spying

( – On Wednesday morning, the White House disputed a controversial report by Politico. It claimed Senior White House Official Jared Kushner is heading up a national coronavirus surveillance system to track real-time patient data. The report suggested all medical treatments, not just COVID-19-related patient information, could be tracked and stored for later use.

If accurate, the proposal would represent a major expansion of the government’s use of individual patient data. It’s already leading to concerns from privacy activists saying the health data could be improperly used, including in the violation of civil liberties.

White House Spokesman Avi Berkowitz denied that there were any discussions about creating a national coronavirus surveillance system. He said the story didn’t make sense and that it was “completely false.” Berkowitz further stated that Kushner didn’t know about the proposal mentioned in the article.

Looks like we can rest easy for now.

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