Big City Mayor Releases CHILLING Letter – Everyone Should Listen!

Eric Adams Write Concerning Letter To Democrats

Eric Adams Write Concerning Letter To Democrats

( – Democrats performed much better in the 2022 midterms than many political analysts, experts, and Americans were expecting. However, Republicans still gained ground in the House and will likely take the majority, flipping two seats in the very blue Empire State. New York City Mayor Eric Adams (D) recently wrote an op-ed in which he offered a grim warning to his fellow Democrats.

In his USA Today op-ed, which is available on, Adams claimed members of his party didn’t have the right attitude when it came to the concerns of voters. The mayor explained that while Democrats did better than expected, the party couldn’t just ignore the supporters they’d lost. The NYC leader noted that Americans in the working class had a strong message on November 9. According to Adams voters were concerned about issues like rising crime, inflation, and the economy.

The mayor claimed NYC was the safest metropolitan in the country, but that stats didn’t matter to people mourning their loved ones. Adams explained that voters didn’t rely on “straightforward logic” when casting their ballots, instead acting on “emotional trust.” The Democrat mentioned that his party didn’t ask the right questions while declaring the GOP did. He also claimed Republicans simply didn’t have the right answers, whereas Democrats did.

Adams noted the GOP will continue to use its advantage to advance on the congressional map and claim more seats in Congress as time passes. The Democrat warned his party is on its way to becoming irrelevant as it increasingly becomes the voice of upper-middle-class Americans living in urban and suburban areas.

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