Big Tech Censors Medical Professionals

Big Tech Censors Medical Professionals

( – Social media sites have been inundated with ongoing COVID-19 disagreements and information about the upcoming presidential election for months. While Americans sift through the news and facts, some big tech companies are buckling down on censorship. This week was no exception.

Facebook, Youtube, and Twitter quickly took down a viral video of a press conference held by the group America’s Frontline Doctors (AFD). In the video, which was filmed on the steps of the US Supreme Court, doctors shared personal stories of treating COVID-19 and their research about a potential cure.

AFD Leader Dr. Simone Gold shared the organization’s hopes for America:

Censoring the video for claims of misinformation is noteworthy overreach — but tech company Squarespace took it even further. As the host of the group’s website, the platform removed AFD’s webpage, leaving visitors and truth-seekers with only a ‘website expired’ message to guide them.

Dr. Gold responded:

As big tech companies continue to restrict what Americans are allowed to share with one another on their platforms, we must continue to fight for free speech. Uncensored sharing of information allows Americans to decide the truth for themselves.

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