Bill Barr Comes Out With Vicious Attacks Against Donald Trump

Bill Barr Comes Out With Vicious Attacks Against Donald Trump

( – William Barr was one of the most prominent members of the Donald Trump administration as his Attorney General (AG). The former AG appeared to be a loyal member of Trump’s team while heading up the Department of Justice. However, Barr’s new book reveals a different side to his thoughts about former President Donald Trump than he publicly conveyed during his tenure in the administration.

The former AG holds nothing back in his book, “One Damn Thing After Another.” Instead, Barr sets former President Trump on fire with his accusations and claims, detailing the alleged pettiness and erratic personality of Biden’s predecessor.

The Wall Street Journal talked about the 600-page book after previewing it before the tome’s March 8 release date. In the book, the former AG even goes as far as placing Trump at the center of blame for the January 6 riot on Capitol Hill. In addition, Barr claimed Biden didn’t steal the 2020 election from Trump, stating the 45th president lost it fair and square.

The former AG also said Trump could have won his reelection if he’d shown even a sliver of self-restraint, touching on what his detractors characterize as his extreme behavior. Additionally, Barr urged the Republican party to distance itself from the former president in 2024.

Despite Barr’s apparent dismay with former President Trump, millions of Americans still support the former commander in chief and hope for another presidential run. Whether or not Barr’s book will change any of their opinions remains to be seen. But, one thing is certain: Trump’s support is far from dying out — and neither is the hatefulness toward him, which only seems to drive him further.

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