Bill Clinton’s Praise of CBD Deleted After Backlash

( – Former President Bill Clinton has been out of politics for a long time, but Americans are still familiar with his name, and many will use it to their advantage given a chance. Clinton recently spoke about the potential benefits of a controversial product, cannabidiol (CBD), which prompted one observer to write an article about it. The article quickly disappeared, and Clinton himself could be responsible for the retraction.

The former president spoke with Sanjay Gupta, CNN’s medical expert, onstage at the Impact Forum in Orlando. The article in question, published in “Cannabis and Tech Today,” quoted Clinton as saying evidence pointed to CBD’s effectiveness in combating pain. Unfortunately, the article didn’t stay up for long as the writer received backlash from Clinton’s public relations (PR) team.

The pressure stemmed from the Impact Forum asserting the conversation was private, claiming it didn’t issue any transcripts, audio, or video. An editor for “Cannabis and Tech Today” noted that everything in the article was quoted live and done so accurately, mentioning that the Clinton PR team’s pressure led the writer to request the article’s removal. While the publication respected the move, representatives assert that they stand by their quoted content.

The former president mentioned how low-THC CBD products could help alleviate pain. While certainly not an endorsement, Clinton’s stance on marijuana and related products seems to have taken a 180-degree turn. During his presidency, Clinton opposed efforts to make medical marijuana legal. He even threatened to rescind Drug Enforcement Administration licenses allowing doctors to prescribe cannabis to specific patients.

So why the big change? Why force a writer to remove an article about Clinton’s opinion on CBD?

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