Bill Gates Says “I Will Always Be Sorry” After Latest Divorce Revelations

Bill Gates Says

( – Billionaire and tech guru Bill Gates has been battling with the aftermath of his divorce from Melinda French Gates. After an interview with Melinda Gates detailed one of the reasons for their divorce, the co-founder of Microsoft issued an apology to his now ex-wife.

Melinda Gates mentioned there wasn’t a singular instance or issue that led her and the tech whiz to divorce, but she did mention one roadblock that didn’t help their marriage. The former Mrs. Gates detailed her now ex-husband’s relationship with disgraced financier Jeffrey Epstein.

Melinda Gates explained she disapproved of Bill’s meetings with the convicted pedophile, claiming she only met Epstein once and regretted it. Melinda admitted to having nightmares after meeting the disgraced financier, who she claimed was evil personified. The interview Melinda French Gates had on “CBS Mornings” with Gayle King led to Mr. Gates’ validation of his ex-wife’s feelings and his issuing the heartfelt apology.

His statement asserted that Gates was sorry for all the pain he caused his family and Melinda. The tech whiz noted his admiration of his ex-wife and the work she does helping women and children, adding his gratefulness to be able to continue to work with her through their foundation.

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