Billionaire Promises to Join Fight Against Social Media Censorship

Billionaire Promises to Join Fight Against Social Media Censorship

( – Americans on social media experienced a sharp rise in censorship this year, especially in the weeks leading up to the presidential election. This caused many Americans to speak out against Big Tech, including a billionaire CEO hoping to lead the industry into a new era.

On Thursday, November 19, Billionaire tech CEO Peter Rex shared his thoughts on the current leadership in his industry in an interview with Fox and Friends:

Rex is leading the way in bringing in a new era of tech leadership. He recently moved his technology and real estate firm from Seattle to Texas, hoping to find people who can change the trajectory of the industry.

In an op-ed for Fox Business, Rex shared the three things needed to make Big Tech better:

  • Diversity of thought within the workforce
  • Values-driven entrepreneurs
  • New tech hubs outside of Seattle and Silicon Valley

Rex mentions that redeeming technology “won’t be easy,” but it “will be well worth it.” While many Americans have become disillusioned with Big Tech and feel helpless to change anything, powerful players in the industry are now coming forward, ready to change the social media landscape for the better. Let’s hope they succeed.

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