Black Lives Matter Shuts Down After Investigation, Was It a Scam?

Black Lives Matter Shuts Down After Investigation, Was It a Scam?

( – The Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement is primarily funded through online donations. As the group faced investigation, it recently shut down all of its donation portals. The big question is, “Why?” Was the organization a scam all along?

The Washington Examiner reported BLM going dark after state attorney generals from California and Washington requested that the organization submit disclosures regarding finances from 2020. So what could they be hiding?

A spokesperson for the Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation (BLMGNF) claimed the organization immediately took action to ensure it was in compliance with any state regulations. However, the spokesperson added that in the meantime, BLM would be shutting down its online fundraiser until it could confirm it wasn’t violating state regulations.

Rob Bonta, California attorney general, submitted a letter informing BLMGNF that it couldn’t solicit or disburse funds because BLM failed to follow specific state requirements. Charitable trusts must submit annual reports for each tax year; BLM failed to file for 2020. AG Bonta threatened BLM leaders with potentially paying any late fees.

Since Patrisse Cullors resigned in May 2021, BLM has not publicly named any leadership. Yet, tens of millions of dollars sit in the organization’s account, collecting dust. BLM claimed it raised more than $90 million in 2020, with $21.7 million going into grants at 33 organizations. Another $8.4 million allegedly went to operating costs, so BLM closed the year with around $60 million.

Cullors faced scrutiny after the discovery of her using BLM funds to go on a multi-million-dollar house buying spree. Could that be where the money is going? Straight into the pockets of those leading the cause, claiming they’re making a difference? Many critics have already speculated that possibility so that it wouldn’t come as a surprise.

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